Leveraging technological and environmental experts to develop solutions that are smart, sustainable, and strategic. Sauder Solutions was founded in 2017 to deliver robust innovative strategies to emerging challenges facing businesses.

The core strength of Sauder Solutions is the broad experience of our extensive professional network.
Stephen Sauder has built a career looking beyond the surface, providing focus and clarity into complex challenges in clean energy, resources management, disaster and emergency preparedness, and waste management. Utilizing principles of lean six sigma, PMP body of knowledge, and business continuity Sauder Solutions is able to adapt to your needs. No problem is too small.
Stephen Sauder
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If you've got a problem, we've got a solution.

Our process begins by collaboratively understanding the challenge(s) facing your business. We investigate the problem and leverage our network to provide cost-efficient solutions maximizing ROI.
"What's Your Problem?"
The Podcast
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"What's Your Problem?" is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to solving crowd-sourced problems. If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming episode get in touch!